Favorite Anime Openings/Endings - Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou

"Just by being here with me,
the world has already begun changing.
This monotonic scenery,
look, it now reflects such vividness.”

aishiteru - Kourin

Could this..be love?! ☆


princeviv’s shibruhinu’sget me to 3k i literally had to password protect the url princeviv so people would stop following it” cosplay giveaway!!!!

okay i was almost at 3k until i got grounded and then i lost a bunch and i want them back tbh so


  • must be following me
  • can reblog/like as much as you want
  • must be willing to give out personal information (sizes, address, etc)
  • ask box must be open

there will be 2 winners and a runner up.

1st place:

  • two full cosplays of their choice from anywhere online up to $100 each
  • three wigs from dolluxe up to $60 each
  • any two pairs of contacts from pinkyparadise
2nd place: 
  • one full cosplay of their choice from anywhere online up to $100
  • two wigs fromdolluxe up to $60 each
  • any pair of contacts from pinkyparadise

runner up:

ill add more prizes/runner ups the more notes this gets, for example:

  • 1,000 - another pair of contacts for each
  • 5,000 - a full cosplay for the runner up, two for 2nd, and three for 1st
  • 10,000 - 2-4 tickets/badges to a con or concert of 1st place’s choice. 

this ends on dec 25th, 2014 to make sure ive got enough $$$ if it gets past 5,000 notes (though i doubt it will)

good luck!


fuck drawing that losers stupid sneakers 

edit: okay fixed him to be more design current the horrible screen shot I was using did not show those doofy glove details or his ridiculous scoop neck



#SAME #p4


It’s always funner when it rains uwu, sadly it only does early in the mornings..



#free_69min: ghibli! i worked really hard on these puns okay



P4 mini print set for AFA ID 2014! they’re 15 x 15 cm each- so tiny and cute! i picked flowers that somehow match their personality, but different websites state different meanings, so i hope it doesn’t stray much. i did dojima and nanako too, but tumblr only allows 10 photos in a photoset… available at my storenvy soon!




haven’t drawn in a while thanks to uni ahahaha ;;; well here have some idk spacey pastel girl. i used this color palette